Italeri MH-60G Pave Hawk

In recent blog posts, we looked at the Minicraft series of Blackhawk helicopters in 1/48.  The below picture are for Italeri’s MH-60G Pave Hawk (#2612). 

When comparing the Minicraft Blackhawk kits and Italeri’s, you will find that the sizes are very similar.  However, I tend to find the Italeri kits to be superior because:

  • Italeri provides more details in the main cabin (though a lot more could be done).  The ceiling and main cabin floor look nicer in Italeri’s kits.
  • The panels are more finely engraved on Italeri’s kits
  • Italeri kits do not have the glazed appearance of Minicraft’s clear parts
  • Etc.

I have found a number of posts on the Internet complaining of the fitting around the cockpit area for the Italeri Blackhawks and Seahawks, but I didn’t experience these issues when assembling this kit.

A number of aftermarkets are available with this kit, including a detail set from Eduard pictured here.

Decals are provided for 2 machines: sand camouflage for a machine based in Saudi Arabia, and traditional green/gray for a machine based in Alaska.

In future blog entries, we will look in the other Blackhawks/Seahawks from Italeri in this scale.

Kit Summary:

  • Italeri 2612
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Average
  • Status: Out of production
  • Estimated Street Price: $20.00 +
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  1. helonewb says:

    By the way, after posting this entry, I came across a nice example of finished model with this kit. Check out

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