Minicraft U.S. Customs BlackHawk

Sikorsky’s UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, a.k.a. Sikorsky S-70, is a very widely used medium transport helicopter.  The basic design has evolved over time, and today, multiple variants of the same basic design are in service.  In 1/48, it was produced by Italeri, Revell, and Minicraft.

Today’s review is for the U.S. Customs Blackhawk (also unofficially knicknamed “Pothawk”, because this machine is used to fight narco trafficking into the US).  But again, note that Minicraft has produced a number of Blackhawk variants in 1/48:

These kits all share the same basic design.  Box-specific spruces are provided to deal with the differences between the versions (e.g. armament, external tanks, antennas, etc.)

Assembly of this series of kit is very easy.  There is little detail for the interior, but fortunately various aftermarket options are available to enhance the appearance of the kit.  Also, I generally find the clear part provided with these kits to be, well, not so clear.  An application of Future Floor Polish is highly recommended.

In future entries, we will have a in-box look into other kits of the series, and I will feature some of the aftermarket options available.


Kit Summary:
  • Minicraft 11629
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Good
  • Status: Out Of Production (no longer listed on manufacturer’s web site)
  • Estimated Street Price: $15.00
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