Italeri Bell UH-1D “Slick”

The Bell UH-1 “Iroquois,” or more commonly known as “Huey” is arguably one of the most successful families of helicopters ever produced.  In 1/48, modelers have plenty of choices:

  • The “Huey Hog” (UH-1C) is produced by Revell, and was available from Fujimi and others.
  • The longer fuselage, single engine (UH-1D) was available from Italeri, Revell of Germany, and ESCI. 
  • The twin engine (UH-1N) was available from Heller and is still in production with Italeri.

Due to its popularity in the US, there are plenty of reviews available on the Internet each discussing the relative merits of the kits.  In my opinion, for early Hueys (up to UH-1C) go with Revell. Aftermarkets are available to correct and enhance this kit (I’ll go over these in a future blog entry).  The spruces between ESCI and Italeri for the UH-1D are different.  I believe Revell’s spruces are the same as Italeri’s.  Each have their relative merit.  For the UH-1N, it doesn’t matter (except for the decals) if you go with Heller or Italeri.

Below pictures are for Italeri #849.  The kit provides you with 3 options : US Army, RAAF, or a German helicopter.  Italeri also produced this kit as AB-205 /UH-1D (Italeri #2621).  The “AB-205” name reflects the fact that the UH-1D was produced in Italy by Agusta (now AgustaWestland) under license from Bell Helicopter.

Also pictured below is a sample of the aftermarkets that are available with this kit.  Fireball Modelworks produces beautiful decals for Vienam-era Hueys.  While CMK produces Vietnam-era pilots and other figures. 


 Kit Summary:
  • Italeri 849
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Poor
  • Status: Out of Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $25.00



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