Italeri OH-13S Sioux

Italeri’s OH-13S (#857) is a neat little kit. Italeri produced the OH-13 in 1/48 as an army machine (kit reviewed today) and as a USCG helicopter with float (I have built this kit a while back, and it looked very nice.  Italeri’s kit number for the USCG version was #859).
I have not yet personally built the Army variant (#857) but a review is available on
The only aftermarket (other than decals) available for this kit is a set from Eduard (#48309), which has been out of production for quite some time, and is hardly available.   Decals are provided for 3 helicopters: US, British, and Italian army machines.
Italeri’s kits themselves (#857 and #859) have been out of production for quite some time.  Though not quite as rare as a 1/50 Heller Puma or 1/48 Revell H-34, these kits are becoming scarcer.  I can only recommend anyone to get either one if lucky enough to run across one of them.  The Bell 47, a.k.a. OH-13 is a historically significant helicopter, and when properly built (even without aftermarkets), these models look very nice.

 Kit Summary:
  • Italeri #857
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability:  Poor
  • Status: Out Of Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $20.00 +
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