Italeri HAP Tigre

The “Tigre” (“Tiger”) is Eurocopter’s most recent attack helicopter.  The project was initiated by a joint requirement for the French and German armies.  Eurocopter’s web site has a very extensive section on the Tigre

Italeri, Heller, and Revell produce 1/48 kits for the Tigre.  The Heller and Italeri kits are the same.  In my opinion, the Heller/Italeri Tigre kits are better than Revell’s because they are more detailed.  I believe that the kit is out of production now, regardless of the manufacturer.

Italeri produced two versions of this helicopter kit in 1/48:

(1)    Eurocopter HAP Tigre (#842) (Pictures below)
(2)    PAH-2 Tiger (#844) (to be discussed in another blog)

The primary differences between these two kits is the presence or not of the 20 mm cannon.  The German military initially opted not to have the cannon, and this missile-only model is equipped instead with a sight in a rotor mast.  The cannon-equipped version has a roof-mounted sight instead.

I have built the Italeri kits a number of years ago.  They’re fun kits to assemble.  The end results are very nice even for an average builder such as me.  See for example, this one (based on Italeri #844) posted on

Kit Summary:  

  • Italeri #842
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability:  Poor
  • Status: Out Of Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $20.00
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