Heller Frelon

By today’s standards, the Heller Frelon (“hornet” in French) is an extremely minimalistic kit.  The kit depicts a prototype, and I do not believe the Frelon ever entered service.  The Super-Frelon, an improved version,  did enter service with the French Navy, Israel, and other countries, and is even produced in China under license (as the Z-8). 

Heller does also produce a Super Frelon kit in 1/35, which has nothing in common with the kit reviewed today.

Assembling is easy, however the kit is plagued by a number of issues: lack of details, huge pin mark in the clear cockpit window, which itself is extremely thick (like the Puma’s).  

A number of years ago, I assembled this kit (granted, my skills were very basic at the time).  The lack of external resources (aftermarkets and references) makes turning this kit into a show piece rather difficult!  Please, feel free to send me an e-mail if you know of beautifully assembled Frelon, and I will post the links on this blog.  AGAINThis kit has nothing to do with the Heller 1/35 Super-Frelon, which is supposed to be very good (so don’t send me incendiary e-mails if you’re referring to the later.  For another example of beautifully assembled 1/35 Super-Frelon, see this thread on Arc Forums). 

Funny detail about the Frelon (and Super-Frelon) is that these helicopters were powered by 3 engines, a relatively rare configuration (other helicopters with such configuration are the AW101 and CH-53E). 

Kit Summary:  

  • Heller Frelon #325
  • Scale: 1/50
  • Availability:  Very Poor
  • Status: Out Of Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $50.00
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3 Responses to Heller Frelon

  1. Steven Satak says:

    I have one of these with a motorized internal assembly and a base with room for batteries (the battery was very non-standard). The Heller Sprint. Unfortunately, it is lacking the side ‘floats’ for some reason. Any idea where I could pick up another model like this? I would like to have a complete version. This is unassembled and mostly sealed.

  2. H
    ello helonwb,
    I just bought an old kit, but the construction Manuel ist missing .
    I Would be very happy about a pdf of yours !

    Tank you


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