Heller SE-313 Alouette II

Yesterday, I posted pictures of the old Heller SA-315B Lama.  Today, I am following up with is contemporary cousin: the 1/48 Se-313 Alouette II (Heller #80479).  The kit is widely available for as low as $10.00.  Don’t let the price fool you; in my opinion, you can make a great looking kit with this Alouette II.   To enhance the overall appearance of the helicopter, I use fine mesh to replace the engine filter (provided as clear parts in the kit), and I replace the various rods in the main rotor assembly with finer metal rods (because I find the plastic parts for the rotor to be too big).  Also included in this Heller kit is a long piece of fine metal to depict the antennas.

Decals are provided for a single version of the French Army (a.k.a. ALAT for “Aviation Légère de l’Armée de Terre”).  Note that the Alouette II is very significant in helicopter history.  It was the first mass-produced turbine-powered helicopter.  It held various records.  It was in use (and in some instances is still in use) in a large number of countries (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Israel, Pakistan, etc.)

Note that in the blog, we discussed various helicopters related to the Alouette II:

-  The Lama available from Heller (#482  in 1/48 – 1/50)

-  The Alouette III available from Fujimi (#20 in 1/48) [An Alouette III was also produced by Heller in 1/48, but it looks awfully big; more like a 1/32 model, and in my opinion is not as good as Fujimi’s]


 Kit Summary:
  • Heller 80479
  • Scale :  1/48
  • Availability: Excellent
  • Status: In Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $10
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2 Responses to Heller SE-313 Alouette II

  1. John says:

    What I like about this kit is that even though the 315B Lama kit is very rare and hard to find, this kit can easily be modified to be a 315B Lama. Too bad Heller doesn’t add parts for the 315B Lama option. As per your photos of both kits, It wouldn’t take much since it clearly is 99% the same tooling.

  2. Gertjan says:

    Same here John; especially a Lama style three bladed tailrotor would have come in handy. I am busy converting an Alouette II – kit into a Lama but just discovered I made a stupid mistake: I lengthened the landing gear legs to get the high sit of the Lama, but I had never noticed that the Lama gear is not only higher but wider too!!! I now have a strange looking high sitting helicopter on a strikingly narrow landing gear…

    A number of Alouette II- kit parts are different from the older Lama parts. The cabin, cockpit, enginedeck, engine, mainrotor and tailplane are old, other parts are new. Especially the tubing around the (also new) gas tank is of a complete different construction.

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