Heller UH-1N “Special Forces”

Contrary to what is sometimes reported on certain forums, the Heller UH-1N (Heller # 80413) provides the same spruces as the Italeri UH-1N kit (#847).  Note that Italeri has recently resumed production of the UH-1N kit in an updated box and under a different reference number (#2692).  The confusion between the Heller kit and the (former) Italeri kit may come from the Heller box art.  On the Heller box, you can see a set of windows located on each side of the top of the nose of the helicopter (see picture).  This small windows don’t exist on the real helicopter.  Anyway…Back to the review of the box content.

The kit provides 2 main spruces (in gray) and one clear spruce.  Decals are provided for a single machine.  Details are adequate, however, a plethora of aftermarket options are available for the 1/48 UH-1N, including excellent resin from Cobra Company to make an updated Marines UH-1N, resin from the same vendor to make auxiliary fuel tanks (which can be mounted on UH-1Ds and Ns), PE from Eduard, and beautiful decals from MAW Decals.

Assembling the kit is easy.  Proper care needs to be exercised when assembling the top of the cabin roof, but beside that, everything comes together pretty easily.

Kit Summary: 

  • Heller 80413
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability:  Poor
  • Status: Out Of Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $25.00
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