Aeroplast PZL SW-4

Aeroplast is a small Polish company.  While I couldn’t find a web site for the company, I have found this corporate profile online

PZL-Świdnik is a Polish helicopter maker which was recently acquired by AgustaWestland.  The SW-4 is a light single-engine helicopter originally designed in the early 1980s.  I personally find it bears some resemblance to the Eurocopter AS-350 (front of the cabin). 

I recently obtained this kit, and must say I was pleasantly surprised.  The details are quite nice.  The overall design of the kit reminds me of Heller’s AS-350.  The decals are pretty simple.  I am not familiar with other Aeroplast kits, so I cannot comment about how well these decals will work.

Aeroplast has produced two versions of this kit.  The first one (Aeroplast 90033) is for a Polish military machine.  The pictures below are for the second version of the kit that depicts a civilian machine (Aeroplast 90034).

These kits are periodically available on eBay or from Jadar Hobby, a polish kit store with a pretty nice and easy to use web store. 


  • Aeroplast 90034
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Medium
  • Status: In Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $18
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