Hawkeye Models Royal Australian Navy AS-350 Ecureuil

Today’s review is for an excellent set of decals from Hawkeye Models of Australia.  This decal sheet allows you to depict a number of AS-350 Ecureuils in service with the Royal Australian Navy.  Obviously, these decals are intended for the Heller kits such as the inexpensive and easily available “Ecureuil Bombardier d’Eau.” 

I have used Hawkeye decals in the past, and I have found their decals to work very nicely.  They’re thin and well printed.

If you are like me, and like building the Ecureuil in 1/48th but are tired of depicting always the same machines, you ought to check these decals or the FCM HB-350 Esquilo decals (if you’re lucky enough to know someone in Brasil!)


  • Hawkeye Models RAN-15
  • Scale: 1/50
  • Availability: Online from Hawkeye Models
  • Status: In production
  • Estimated Street Price: 15 Australian Dollars



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