FCM HB-350 Esquilo

The Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil is a light helicopter, which found a worldwide commercial success.  In the U.S., it is known as AStar as opposed to the English translation of its French name “Squirrel”.  It is built under license in Brazil by Helibras (now a Eurocopter subsidiary).  Brazilian-built machines are in services with the Brazilian Air Force, Navy, and Army.  Outside of Brazil the AS-350 is used by military forces in the U.K., France, Norway, Australia, etc.

Heller of France has produced various 1/50 kits for the Ecureuil, including (from oldest to most recent releases):

Today’s review is for a nice decal sheet from FCM.  This sheet, which is very hard to secure outside of Brazil, allows you to depict 5 machines in Brazilian service and 1 machine from Argentina.  I recently secured a number of Heller kits (thanks to various Cyber Friday sales), and will put this decal sheet to good use!  I feel that this sheet is unique (outside of the machines it depicts) in that it allows you to build camouflaged machines, as well as more colorful machines.  Definitely a great value, if you can secure one.

In a future blog entry, we’ll talk about the decal sheet from Hawkeye Models of Australia which allows you to depict Squirrels in Australian Navy service.




  • FCM HB-350 Esquilo
  • Scale: 1/50
  • Availability: Poor (only available in Brazil)
  • Status: In production
  • Estimated Street Price: about 15 Brazilian Real at MAIS Modelismo

A special “thank you” to José for helping us in obtaining this decal sheet.

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  1. José Motta says:

    You’re welcome my friend! But… what about the led TV 50″… LOL!!!

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