Revell H-19 Rescue Helicopter

This is another old kit from Revell.  Even though it has long been out of production, it is widely available on eBay, though at times the asking price is quite high.  I have built this kit a number of years ago (using this site for inspiration), and despite the an old design, I felt the end result was good.  Assembly is easy and fit is decent.  Note however that the kit has a few obvious shortcomings:

  • no windows are provided for the main cabin, but you can easily build these
  • there are no details in the main cabin
  • the cockpit windows are  thick and cockpit details are scarce

One of the most notable features of this kit is that the big Wright engine is depicted in fair amount of details.  Check out a picture of the original at

Note that a detailed review of the kit is located at and a completed model is displayed at

Kit Summary:  
  • Revell H-173
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability:  Good
  • Status: Out Of Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $30.00


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2 Responses to Revell H-19 Rescue Helicopter

  1. Bob Bailey says:

    Was in Korea and served with the H-19, would like one for my kids to see and save.
    thank you BB

  2. helonewb says:

    I replied to Bob offline.

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