Monogram AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopter

In previous blog entries, we looked at a number of 1/48th Cobras, including, the old Cobra series from Fujimi:

And Italeri’s modern Cobras:

The following pictures are for the old Monogram AH-1S (Monogram 5444).  The kit has been around for a number of years.  Revell of Germany has recently resumed the production of this kit (Revell 04646). 

The Monogram kit includes decals for a single machine.  A number of Internet threats host discussions in regards to the accuracy of this kit.  I am not going to go into these.  There are plenty of pictures of completed models on the Internet, including this one on ARC’s web site.

There are a lot of aftermarket options for this kit, including resin from Cobra Company and Werner’s Wings

We will look at the more recent Revell of Germany kit (04646) in a future entry.


Kit Summary:

  • Monogram 5444
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Good
  • Status: Out of production
  • Estimated Street Price: $10
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One Response to Monogram AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopter

  1. helonewb says:

    [Update on 11/30/2011]
    OK – I have just come around to building this kit. My only other experience with the AH-1S was with Fujimi’s kit. I now believe I prefer the Monogram/Revell kit. The Monogram kit is generally more detailed, and more accurately depicts the main rotor head and engine compartment, though I still think the details are in some places a bit exagerated (instrument panels), and significant trimming is required around the parts. Anyway, for an estimated street price of $13 or so (for the Revell of Germany re-edition), you cannot go wrong, especially since the new box comes with nice decals.

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