Hasegawa HSS-2B Seaking

The Seaking was produced under license by Mitsubishi for a number of years for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.  Today, Mitsubishi goes on producing Seahawks…
In previous blogs, we looked at a number of Hasegawa’s 1/48th Seakings, including the SH-3H Seaking (PT1 / 07201) and the UH-3H Seaking “HSL-51 VIP” (09628).  The pictures below are for the  HSS-2B Seaking (Hasegawa PT2 / 07202).
In future blog entries, we will look at other Hasegawa’s Seakings, including the :
  • Seaking HAR Mk.3 “RAF Rescue” (09907)
  • S-61A Seaking “Antarctica Observation Ship Shirase” (09931)
  • Seaking AEW Mk.2A (09863)
Back to the HSS-2B…  The kit is very similar to the original SH-3H (Hasegawa 07201), it provides additional parts which are specific to the Japanese helicopter such as various antennas, and most importantly, an additional radome located in the lower section of the hull.  Obviously, the kit also provides decals for Japanese aircraft: you can choose to depict one of three different machines of the Japanese Navy.
Assembly is easy.  Care is required when cutting the opening for the lower radome, but this is the only “tricky” part of the assembly.
While I felt that the decals in the other Seakings were very thick, I didn’t have the same experience with this version.  By the way, while the decals were thick on the SH-3H (PT1 / 07201), generous application of Micro Set and Micro Sol worked wonder, and I did achieve the required “painted on” effect.
Pictures of actual helos are available on Airliner.net.  An example of assembled kit is located on ScaleRotors.com.

Kit Summary:
  • Hasegawa PT2 / 07202
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Poor
  • Status: Out of production
  • Estimated Street Price: $40
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