Hasegawa UH-3H Seaking “HSL-51 VIP”

In a previous blog entry, we looked at Hasegawa’s SH-3H Seaking (Hasegawa 07201).  As stated then, Hasegawa has produced a number of Seakings in 1/48th, including:

  • SH-3H Seaking (PT1 / 07201)
  • HSS-2B Seaking (PT2 / 07202)
  • UH-3H Seaking “HSL-51 VIP” (09628) (pictures below)
  • Seaking HAR Mk.3 “RAF Rescue” (09907)
  • S-61A Seaking “Antarctica Observation Ship Shirase” (09931)
  • Seaking AEW Mk.2A (09863)

The below pictures are for Hasegawa 09628 UH-3H Seaking “HSL-51 VIP.”  It is in fact a reboxed version of Hasegawa’s SH-3H (#07201) with new decals, and the addition of white metal parts and a larger window for the large cabin door located on the starboard side of the helicopter (see pictures).  The instructions in the box are for the SH-3H, with an additional set of instructions for the VIP version.

This kit has become quite rare in the US, and it often commands a premium price on online auctions.


Kit Summary:

  • Hasegawa 09628
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Very poor
  • Status: Out of production
  • Estimated Street Price: $80.00 +


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