Fujimi Alouette III (Fujimi 5A46)

As previously noted, Fujimi produced three different Alouette III in 1/48:

  1. The “Chidori” for an helicopter used at the Tokyo Fire Department (Fujimi 5A20)
  2. An armed model (with SS-11 missiles) with decals for Israeli, Malaysian, and French machines (Fujimi 0744:170)
  3. A Norwegian machine (Fujimi 5A46, pictures below)

See previous blog entries for more information about these kits.  The spruces are mostly the same: only the Chidori doesn’t have the SS-11 missiles and pylons.  Decals are the only major difference between the boxes.

In term of aftermarkets, I have found an interesting set of decals from Aztec Models to depict Ecuadorian Alouette III (Axztec 48-003, see picture below).  I do however believe these decals to be out of print.




Kit Summary:

  • Fujimi 5A46
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Rare
  • Status: Out of production
  • Estimated Street Price: $40.00
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One Response to Fujimi Alouette III (Fujimi 5A46)

  1. GeejeeZ says:

    Nice kit, too bad Fujimi hadn’t included the floats in the kit; the Danish Alouette’s almost always flew with a pair of (inflated) floats.

    Imho there was one shape issue with the kit: the frontal glazing part of the cockpit roof was too flat.

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