MiniHobby Mi-24P Hind

Once feared by NATO forces, the Mi-24 Hind was designed to be the Soviet answer to dedicated western attack helicopters such as the Cobra and Apache.  However, unlike its western counterparts, the Hind provides for carrying a small number of troops.  Over the years, the model has greatly evolved: e.g. most common early model is Mi-24D Hind-D, later models include the Mi-24V/Mi-35 Hind-E, Mi-24P/Mi-35P Hind-F, Mi-24VP, etc.

In 1/48th, Monogram produces a Hind D (Revell 85-5856).  MiniHobby, a chinese firm, produces both a Hind D (MiniHobby 80310) and a Hind P (MiniHobby 80311).  These MiniHobby kits are not widely available (in the US), and the status of the company is unknown (is it still operating?). 

 The primary difference between the Hind D and the P (Hind F) versions are for the main armament.  The ‘P’ carries a twin GSh-30-2 cannon (30mm) while the ‘D’ carries a Yak-B rotating gun.   An even earlier version, the Mi-24VP carries a twin GSh-23L (23mm) cannon.

 The MiniHobby spruces are very similar if not identical in many aspects to Monogram’s.  One thing I like about the MiniHobby kits is that the weapons load is different from the Monogram kit.  Decals are provided for a single Russian helicopter.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking at building a “D” or other versions with the Yak-B rotating gun, you can go either MiniHobby or Revell.  If you want to build a “P” (with twin GSh-30-2 cannon), you can either select the MiniHobby kit, or go with Revell and Cobra Company’s Mi-24 HIND F “Twin Cannon” Gunship Conversion

Quite a few aftermarket options are available for these kits, including:

Kit Summary:

  • MiniHobby 80311
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Rare
  • Status: Unknown
  • Estimated Street Price: $20.00
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