Revell Huey Hog

In the US, the Revell Huey Kit may be the most ubiquitous helicopter kit there is.  I have yet to walk into a hobby shop that doesn’t carry it!  In previous blog entries, we talked about some of the other helicopters in the “Huey” series in the 1/48th scale, including the Monogram Huey “Rescue Chopper” and the Italeri Bell UH-1D “Slick”.

Back to the Revell Huey Kit…

It is produced by both Revell and Revell of Germany.  The only difference between the two is for the decals.  See for example, this kit review at and this one at

Like most modelers, I have build a few of this kit.  Assembly is easy with no particular challenge.  Examples of completed kits are displayed at and of course at

In term of aftermarkets, a number of decals are available.  However, one of the most useful option may be Cobra Company’s UH-1C HUEY “Hog” Detail Set, which provides various corrections for the kit including for the tail section (pictured below). 




Kit Summary:

  • Revell 85-5201 & Revell of Germany 80-4476
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Excellent
  • Status: In production
  • Estimated Street Price: $10


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