News: Italeri Bo 105 / PAH.1

Italeri just posted additional information on its re-release of the Bo 105 / PAH.1 helicopter in 1/48th.  The product web page (kit reference is Italeri 2742) provides pictures for the spruces, box, and decal sheet.  As expected, this kit is a re-release of the old ESCI kits (the spruces are identical), but the decal sheet is new.  The kit provides for the depiction of 4 different machines: 2 PAH.1 (attack helicopters) from Germany, and Bo 105Ms from Spain and Holland.  The Dutch machine is quite colorful as it is an exhibition helicopter. 

I am thinking of getting this kit as Bo-105s are getting scarce on e-Bay, and the only Bo-105 release with a decent decal sheet was the old release from Revell of Germany (which is almost impossible to find).  The decal sheet on this new release from Italeri is a big plus. 

The pictures below are from Italeri’s web site.

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News: Armycast March 2014 Newsletter

Armycast just published its March 2014 newsletter.  The Czech company announces the release of a new set (resin and decals) for the AH-1W in the 1/72 scale.  It would be great if such a kit could be released in 1/48 though a release in this scale of a whole new AH-1Z kit is soon expected from Kitty Hawk

Note that for helicopter kit builders in 1/48, Armycast provides the following products:

  • AC 48001 – Ka-50 Hokum exterior set
  • AC 48003 – AH-64 APACHE engine set
  • AC 48004 – AH-64 APACHE exterior accessories
  • AC 48006  – UH/SH/HH-60 engine set

Newsletter8.. Newsletter8.

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News: Italeri to release new 1:48 helicopters in 2014

Italeri announced its new releases for 2014.  Among these new releases are a few helicopters in 1/48.  They include:

  • A re-release of the V-22 Osprey
  • A new H-21 Shawnee “Flying Banana” (Italeri 2733).  This kit is advertised as “100% new moulds”)
  • A re-released of the AB 205 Carabinieri (Italeri 2739)
  • A release of the Bo 105 / PAH-1 in German and Dutch colors (Italeri 2742).  I suspect this will be a re-release of the old (but decent) ESCI kit.
  • A new release of the Wessex HAS.1 (Italeri 2744).  As a reminder, last year Italeri released a HAS.3.
  • A release of the HH-60J U.S. Coast Guard (Italeri 2741).  It will be interesting to see how close this kit is to the SkunkModels release, which is based on the Italeri moulds.

The picture below is a reproduction of the relevant page of the Italeri newsletter.



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Kitty Hawk AS-365 Dauphin II

As previously discussed, Kitty Hawk just released a Dauphin II in the 1/48 scale.  The company’s web site has nice pictures of the kits.  I ordered a couple of them and received them today.  My first impression is very positive.  They come in a medium size box that is filled up.  Pictures of the spruces are posted on Kitty Hawk’s web site, so I didn’t bother taking pictures of them.  That said, the engraving looks very detailed.  The kit comes up with well-detailed instructions in a fairly sick instruction manual.  The kit provides for building 4 different machines, including a fairly colorful one.  One of the versions depicted appears to be for a Panther demonstration model.  I am pretty sure Kitty Hawk will follow this release with a Chinese indigenous version (along with anti-tank armament) and also almost certainly with a US Coast Guard machine. 

In conclusion, this kit is a very, very good alternative to the Trumpeter models.  Kitty Hawk’s spruces are all original and do not share anything in common with the Trumpeter releases.  Kitty Hawk’s model seems to address all the weaknesses found in Trumpeter’s version of the kit (e.g., detailed interior).  Highly recommended! 

Kit Summary:

  • Kitty Hawk 80108
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Availability: Limited (Asian estores)
  • Status: In Production
  • Estimated Street Price: $40
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News: Kittty Hawk SA 365F Dauphin II

Kitty Hawk recently released a 1/48 SA-365F Dauphin II.  This kit looks very detailed and seems to provide the company with the ability to issue additional releases and versions.   It is likely a future release will be for the U.S. Coast Guard machines (both long and short noses?)

This initial release for a French Navy machine. I believe French Navy Dauphins are used primarily in SAR roles, as the ASUW and ASW missions are primarily handled by Lynxes. 

Check out the pictures on Kitty Hawk’s web site.  Before the release of this kit, the only options for building a Dauphin II in this scale were the models from Trumpeter.  Among a number of problems, the Trumpeter kits lacked inside details, and the clear parts and main rotor blades looked awful…  Note also that many years ago, Heller had released a Dauphin kit (early Dauphin I with fixed gear). 

I have ordered a kit earlier today, and will provide more details when it arrives.

The picture below is from Kitty Hawk’s web site.


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